Immediate/Permanent Dentures

Starting at $175 per arch*
Bay Area Denture and Surgery Center is committed to being sure you leave our office following removal of your diseased teeth with a beautiful, natural-looking smile. We achieve this through Immediate Dentures. Immediate Dentures are TEMPORARY dentures that allow your mouth to heal following extraction of your teeth, and are worn for six months, until all swelling and bone shrinkage has occurred. They are made of quality acrylic and teeth, and are custom fit in our office.

After six months, you will be fitted with permanent dentures, made of the highest quality acrylic and natural-looking teeth. With the addition of M.D.I. Implants, it will be nearly impossible for anyone to tell that they are not your natural teeth. Both Immediate and Permanent Dentures, are individually crafted and custom made in our on-site lab, using the heat process of fabrication. This insures any harmful monomers are “cooked” out of the dentures before they are inserted in your mouth.

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*Pricing valid as part of First Time Denture Wearers Program