Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My grandson laughs at me when I talk because I make whistling sounds and my teeth click together. What causes this?

A: The whistling and clicking noises are due to improper positioning of your dentures. In some cases a reline or other adjustment may be necessary or your dentures may simply be worn out and need to be replaced.

Q: How often should I get my denture “relined”? What is a “reline”?

A: A reline is accomplished by taking a new impression of the inside of your mouth and having our on-site laboratory technician add new acrylic to the inside of your current denture. The ADA and Dr. Van Maren recommend a yearly reline to maintain the proper fit, function, and comfort of your denture.

Q: My wife and I are arguing about whether I need new dentures. They don’t fit anymore but they’re only eight years old. How long do dentures really last?

A: The American Dental Association, (ADA) and Doctor Van Maren recommend that you replace your dentures every five to six years. This is due to continued shrinkage of the bone which supports your dentures as well as normal wear and tear of the denture teeth. Other variables include excessive weight gain or loss or significant changes in your medical history.

Q: Even though I keep my dentures clean, they look yellow. I don’t even smoke! What’s happening?

A: Sometimes aging plastic loses its natural appearance; its color fades and over time and it begins to look artificial. Our dentures are made with teeth which are designed to have the look and feel of attractive, natural teeth.

Q: My husband has made comments to me that my chin is getting closer to my nose! I’ve started noticing more wrinkles around my mouth. What is going on?

A: This is caused by continued bone shrinkage over the years and/or wear of the denture teeth. This causes your jawbones to become closer together. Thus, your chin gets closer to your nose and the wrinkles form around your mouth! Doctor Van Maren can correct this with a new set of dentures, building the height back and positioning your jaws correctly. You will look like you did years ago!