About Us

Bay Area Denture and Surgery Center is a general dental practice with an emphasis on oral surgery, and “third molar” also known as “wisdom teeth” extractions, custom-made dentures, partials, M.D.I. mini-implants, athletic mouth guards for sports activities and sleep apnea devices. We have our own, on-site laboratory to craft your custom dental appliances in-house.

Our practice was founded in 1999 by Dr. Victor Firmani and, upon his retirement in May of 2013, his associate, Doctor Dennis Van Maren, purchased the practice. Dr. Van Maren has helped tens of thousands of patients feel and look better for over 25 years. He honorably served over 20 years in the United States Army and Air Force and has Commanded 3 Dental Clinics and 1 Hospital, as well as mentoring over 40 junior dentists before retiring at the rank of Colonel. Working with patients of all ages and backgrounds, both in the military and in private practice, is his passion. He enjoys being able to put patients at ease, and the smile on their face when they love their new smile!

Replacing your natural teeth is more than simply trusting someone with your smile. You will look years younger with our superior dentures, enhanced by our knowledge and ability! At Bay Area, we fit you with dentures that are comfortable, look as good as or better than your natural teeth and are affordable. We strive to give you confidence in your appearance as well as optimal function while dining, speaking, or pursuing your active lifestyle. If your current denture is in need of repair, we can often fix the problem while you wait!

All of our custom-made dentures are processed with eight hour heat processing techniques, the finest acrylics, and top quality, natural- looking teeth.

Remember, Bay Area Denture and Surgery Center offers you, or your loved one, the comfort of a dentist and a complete support team who understand the special dental needs of patients experiencing critical health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis, or bone loss due to aging. Please discuss any health concerns with Doctor Van Maren during your FREE consultation!